PetroDyn provides vital products and services throughout the life cycle of the well, from drilling and production through plug and abandonment and decommissioning. PetroDyn and its partners offer such products and services-

Drilling Products and Services

We supply, rent and maintain specialized equipment and tools for use with well drilling, completion, production and workover activities. These tools include connecting iron, drill pipe, stabilizers and hole openers, handling tools, on-site accommodations, pressure control equipment and specialty tubular goods.

Onshore Completion and Workover Services

Inhouse we have international companies that offer pressure pumping, fluid handling and well servicing rigs to our customers. These services also include horizontal and vertical well hydraulic fracturing, cementing, fluid disposal, completions and much more.

Production Services

Our partners provide production services that aim to enhance, maintain and extend oil and gas production during the life of the well. We have tied up with international leaders in coiled tubing services, electric line, slickline, pressure control tools and services, and snubbing and hydraulic workover.

Technical Solutions

Our partners are leader in "rigless" production-related services — a cost-effective approach to delivering services and solutions aimed at maintaining and enhancing well productivity. We offer completion tools & products, environmental services, well control services and plug & abandonment.

Nitrogen Services

Petrodyn offers a variety of applications such as:

  •  Nitrification for underbalance operations
  •  Unloading or cleaning out well bores
  •  Feeling stuck pipe
  •  Jetting solids

Pumping Services

Petrodyn provides pumping services for pumping down wireline as well as perforating tools and for coiled tubing applications requiring high pump rates.

§ Pumping of wireline tools

§ Capable of performing all aspects in both vertical and horizontal applications

§ Coiled tubing applications

Pre-Commissioning Services

Petrodyn offers a wide range of pre-commissioning services like hydrotesting, nitrogen services that include purging and leak testing plus production installations and pipelines offshore and to petrochemical, LNG, refining, power generation and process plants onshore.

Our services include:

  •  Purging during shut down and maintenance programmes
  •  Leak testing of new process plant and systems,
  •  System shut down,
  •  Maintenance or modification.
  •  Test run and start up of compressors ‘live simulation’ and commissioning of pipelines.

Petrodyn offers nitrogen helium testing and we include nitrogen convertors, single skids, split skids, pumps, tanks, testing equipment, vaporisers and other equipment. All equipment we use are certified for onshore and offshore operations. Our nitrogen services goes well hand in hand with the other process services we use.